Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hokkaido Fair 2013 at Tampines Mall

This is a yearly affair that I try not to miss. The event usually starts from a shopping center in Orchard (either Taka or Isetan Shaw house), then move to TM by July. TM being already crowded on usual days will become overcrowded during the fair. This year's event runs from 28 Jun - 7 Jul.

I went there on two separate visits. There was a short queue at this popular Butter Manju stall so I joined in the fun. Bought 10pcs red bean manju for $12.

I'm a sucker for Japanese cakes...they are always uber soft and fluffy, hard to find something similar in SG. Saw this rather unique Haskap berry roll cake on display. After hearing about it from the stall owner, I bought two roll cakes from here.

Right beside it is the Flanders handmade cakes. They have cheese cake for sampling...I'm not a cheese eater so I just walk past it.

Other savory food stalls...

Steamed sticky rice

I bought Braised pork belly rice from this stall...

Dry food stalls...

Frozen seafood...

Welcome to the stall that has the longest queue....I queued for 20mins during off peak hours for this..

Off peak queue..

They are selling Dosanko yaki pancakes from Hakodate...

Freshly prepared

A glimpse at the ingredients used in the pancakes.

I bought two pancakes here...they are also selling Takoyaki but no queue...

Here are pics of my yummy loots...first up, Donsanko yaki.

Seafood pancake $5.50, very nice...can taste the chunky fresh prawns and tako in it...the cabbage is also very sweet.

Crabstick pancake $5.50, this is even nicer! They used very good quality crabstick...generous serving too..check out the strands of crabmeat.

Next, we have the Braised pork belly rice $14. The pork belly is thick and well marinated but the lean meat is a tad hard though...not bad.

Now for the sweet stuffs, Haskap berry roll cake $19...with fresh cream & haskap jam filling...nice!

Blackcurrant roll cake $19...with haskap cream filling...this one has sweet & sour taste..not bad.

Buy two roll cakes and get this Dorayaki for contains haskap berry cream filling.

The Butter Manju, 1pc for $1.30 or 10pcs for $12. Choice of Custard cream or Tokachi red bean fillings. I bought all red bean ones.

I know why there is always a queue for is very yummy...soft and fluffy and the red beans is good quality stuff.

Another delicious sweet treat...Rare dark chocolate $14 for 6pcs from Ryugetsu. Melts in the mouth goodness, the dark chocolate flavor is very was whipped out within seconds from opening.

Last but not least, the must buy  白い恋人 cookies. I spent $55+ for just two boxes of these...

Cheesy sticks $20 I bought for hubby...he loved these. 

Do drop by if you are a Jap food fanatic!

Hokkaido Fair 2013 at Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5
Singapore 529510

Tel: 6788 8370

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