Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dinner at Chef d' Table again....

We are back at Chef d' Table again for birthday celebration. Several of us dined there 7 months ago and liked the food and service there a lot, one of our July babies was a fan too so it became our venue for July celebration.

This place is located near to the Chijmes church's main entrance. They are one of the official caterer for Chijmes. They recently hosted former President Mr. SR Nathan for lunch here.

The restaurant has a simple, no frills and functional decor. We had the private room located at the back of the restaurant.

After ushering us to the table, the waiter will ask a standard question "do you prefer Sparkling or Still water?". PLEASE DON'T answer that question. Ask them instead "do you have ICE WATER?". Ice water is free and refillable here. Still water is a hefty $12 per litre and they will keep refilling till you ask for the bill. Check out their hefty charges for the Imported Still water from our previous visit.

Warm bread was served upon guest arrival with a yummy pesto spread. The bread is free and refillable too. Ask for more if you are hungry between courses.

The bread was very very soft and fluffy with a crispy crust, you'll know right away that they were freshly baked inhouse just before they open for dinner.

Two of my friends ordered a 4 course Chef's menu set $68++, includes an entree, a mini soup, choice of main course and dessert of the day. For myself, I ordered ala carte entree & a main course which was my fave dishes from my previous visit.

My Entree choice, pan seared Foie Gras with lobster omelette served on a bed of sauteed spinach & mushrooms $32++. This one literally melts in my mouth the second it touches my tongue, perfect! The lobster balls were cooked with herb butter, tasted fresh and crunchy...goes well with the creamy foie gras. Thumbs up!

My choice for main course, Chilean Seabass $34++. Needless to say the seabass is again very fresh and prepared with such precision that it is cooked inside out and not overcooked at the sides. It takes some skill to do that with such a thick piece of fish...kudos to the Chef!

My friends' 4 course Chef menu...

First up, Mushroom tofu entree...crispy homemade tofu drizzled with truffle oil and mushroom mirin sauce. Everything was polished off quickly so I reckon it was delish.

Lobster bisque soup in an espresso cup. Again, gone in 60 seconds, well almost!

Main courses, one of my friends had the Chilean Seabass (above) and the other had the Ribeye Angus beef steak. Done medium rare, it was cooked to perfection...soft and tender on the inside and slightly charred and smoky on the outside...truly satisfying.

One of my busy girl friends only had a main course as she need to rush off for 'second round'. She picked the Pink Dory with lemon butter sauce and sweet potato $24++. This one was a crowd pleaser, the fish was fresh and lemon butter was uber creamy.

Last but not least, its desserts time...the presentation was awesome!

Orange Creme Brulee with Valrhona chocolate ganache & Valrhona chocolate fondant (a.k.a. the Lava cake) with vanilla ice cream.

The Creme Brulee was delicious, creamy with a hint of fresh orange aroma, pairs extremely well with the dark valrhona chocolate base.

The 'Lava' cake here was to die for! It has a minimum preparation time of 20mins so that the Chef could make it from scratch. Check out the flowy 'lava'!

The premium dark chocolate was smooth and intense! All of us agreed that this was the best lava cake in town.

The Coconut pudding with sago and melted gula melaka. This dish has a very local taste.

And, presenting last, the complimentary birthday cake nicely decorated with chocolate sauce! It was hazelnut brownie with vanilla ice cream. The brownie was loaded with hazelnut bits but was made a tad hard though.

There you are, this ends the night with a sweet note! The food and service here was extraordinary...we will definitely be back again for more indulgence. One last shot of the restaurant at night before we go..

Chef d'Table
30 Victoria St, #01-29 CHIJMES
Tel: 6338 4898

Mon-Sat: 11:30am-2:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm
Closed Sunday

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