Tuesday, September 27, 2016

HK Meixin Star Wars Theme Mooncakes & Putien Mooncakes

Time passes fast...it's already middle of autumn. As the west is gearing up for some Halloween fun, we celebrated Mid Autumn fest with lanterns and mooncakes. This year, I ordered a set of adorable Star Wars mooncakes from HK brand Meixin via Groupon.

The deal includes:
Stormtrooper-themed tin:
- 4x Egg Custard mooncakes (45g per mooncake)

Darth Vader-themed tin:
- 4x Chocolate Lava mooncakes (45g per mooncake)

1 set (8 pieces per set) for $58 instead of $104
3 sets (8 pieces per set) for $165 instead of $312

This exclusive Star Wars Set is a collaboration with Disney, from the customised paper bags to the metal tins design and mooncake packaging, everything is so darn cute!

I wasn't expecting these cuties to taste fantastic, but they didn't really disappoint either. Other than having a slightly thick baked skin and a tad dry texture, they tasted pretty alright. The chocolate lava ones had a melted chocolate center, a pleasant surprise.

Other than Meixin mooncakes, I also bought my last year's fave mooncakes from Putien again. Purple Sweet potato Crispy skin mooncakes with single yolk $14.50ea. These were awesome!

And last but not least, lovely homemade gift from my evil sistas. Hand crafted with heart, multi-flavored snow skin mooncakes with colored glitters. Nice.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Mid autumn fest like I do...

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