Saturday, May 30, 2015

Harry's Bar @Clarke Quay, Openrice Food Tasting

I was invited by Reka from Openrice to a food tasting session at Harry's newest outlet at Clarke Quay. We will be sampling their newly revamped food menu that was introduced about a month ago. Brought a friend along (cos I don't drink) to also sample their alcoholic beverage.

The Bar has both indoor and outdoor sitting, same as every bar found in the area.

The indoor dining area has a British pub style decor, the dark wood furnishing and fixtures exudes a warm and cozy vibe. Great place for friends to catch up over a game of football with beers.

Our table, set with a simple bucket of cutlery, paper napkins and plates for sharing food. 

Everyone at the food tasting gets an Openrice 'door gift' set containing the tasting menu, stationary and a Openrice fan.  

Our tasting menu for the night...

First up, we had a trio of 'Small Plates' appetizer dishes paired with Harry's Premium Lager beer $13++, Harry's signature brew. 

The crispy Fish Cracklings $13++ served with aioli dip was addictive to eat. While the Harry's Signature Wings ($13++ for 6pcs, $19++ for 10pcs), coated with secret recipe spices and served with homemade chili jam, was fingers licking good. The star of the 'Small plates' had to be the Crab & Potato cakes ($16++ for 6pcs). Packed with generous amount of shredded Blue swimmer crab meat and mashed potato served with Sriracha tomato dip, it was moist and oozing with crabby sweetness...thumbs up.

Next up, we had one dish from the 'Platters' menu, Jalapeno Steak Sliders $13++ for 3. The Mini burgers with tender beef strips and charred bell peppers, served with Jalapeno cheese sauce, were a crowd's favorite.

All of the above were best washed down with a pint of Harry's Premium Lager, which was well received by fellow food tasters. Many would have seconds but, we're being served with another Harry's signature, Dirty Harry $16++, to go with the 'Big Plates' a.k.a. Main courses.

A concoction of Vodka, brown sugar and lychee liqueur with a dash of zing from freshly cut lime wedges, served with a sweet canned lychee. As I don't drink liquor, my friend downed both glasses of cocktail and still wanted I guess it was delish!

For main courses, we had Chicken Masala $23++ and Crabmeat Spaghettini $23++. The pasta tasted pretty standard though, the crab meat flavor didn't really come through nicely. However, the Chicken Masala dish was surprisingly good. The excellent mix of Indian spices and tender chicken chunks, well infused with spice aroma, had us craving for more. We totally enjoyed dunking the fluffy charcoal bread into the aromatic thick gravy...immensely satisfying.

Lastly, dessert was served. Toffee Apple Crisp Tart $14++, with thinly sliced apple on crust pastry, drizzled with salted caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. I didn't like this dish as much, the pastry was not crispy and rather chewy to bite. The apple slices and vanilla ice cream was kinda ordinary.

Dessert was paired with a sparkling Cinzano Prosecco $13.50++ wine to end the dinner on a sweet note. This Italian bubbly, with enticing aromas of apple and peach, taste refreshing, dry and harmonious, with crisp fruity flavors and a clean finish.

Harry's Bar had wanted to change the perception of it being just a regular bar, a place to go for drinks only. They have put together an interesting menu with good potential. With some slight adjustments to its food recipe, it does possess a formula for success in the F&B industry.

We enjoyed the dinner tremendously. Thank you Openrice and Harry's Bar for hosting us!

Harry's Bar
3D River Valley Road #01-01 S179023
Tel: 6338 7331

Opening Hours
Sun - Thur & Non-weekend PH: 1200h - 0100h
Fri - Sat & Eve of PH: 1200h - 0300h

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