Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea at The Landing Point

We are back again at The Landing Point for afternoon tea, one of our fave places for tea. This time happens to be Mother's Day eve and the restaurant is offering a different menu just for the weekend. Instead of the usual 8 sweets and 8 savories, they are having 12 sweets and 7 savories tea set...we're gonna get a sugar rush!

We made advanced reservation via Chope and got instant confirmation. There was a baby shower event going on when we arrived slightly earlier than 3pm, the waiting staffs gave us a sofa seat near the corner.

We enjoyed a quieter ambiance there, however, it became a nightmare to get attention of the waiting staffs when we wanna replenish our food and drinks. Whats worst is that we are situated between two bigger groups of diners, and were being overlooked by the staffs constantly! The drinks that we ordered shortly after being seated came only after 30mins and multiple reminders...duh!

Selections of TWG teas and Coffee (hot/cold)

The food came before the drinks arrived, served on a 3-tier tray, containing two tiers of sweets and one tier savories. The scones were served separately by another staff.

Top tier - Carrot Cake & Lemon Cheese Frosting, Mother’s Love Chocolates, Mini Cupcake & Chocolate Cream, Double Flavored Macaron and Crème Brulee tartlet.

Middle tier - Mini Salmon Quiche, Herb Brie Cheese on Hazelnut Cracker, Smoked Duck Mango Salsa on Semi-Dried Roll, Purple Potato with Ricotta on Saffron Roll, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Truffle Egg Sandwich and Semi-Dried Tomato with Mayo and Cucumber Sandwich.

Bottom tier - Coconut & Mango Cake, Kueh Lapis Cake, Lime Tart topped with Fresh Blueberries, Chocolate Opera Cake, Pistachio Financier and Rose Chocolate Mousse Cake.

For the savories, we only fancied the Smoked Duck sandwich, Truffle egg sandwich and the Smoked Salmon sandwich, which we ordered replenishment several times. We were less impressed with the sweets though. I quite like the tangy Lime tart and the Crème Brulee tartlet but didn't order extras due to slow service from staffs.

My order for 2nd round of drinks, Cafe Mocha with latte art. It was pretty good.

Near to the end of the tea session, we noticed that a special item was being served to the table beside us, we wanted to ask about it but the staff walked past us again and vanished quickly into the abyss! After some waiting, we managed to grab attention of another staff and voiced our displeasure to him. He managed to seized a few of the special items (not stated in the menu) for us and it turned out to be the best tasting savory item of the day!

The Mini Lobster Tartlet, a different rendition of their all time favorite Lobster Cornet was simply delicious! We think that it should be included in all special occasion menu for afternoon tea.

Our Mother's Day afternoon tea, ended much better than when it began. But we couldn't help but feel that their special occasion menu was lack luster overall in terms of taste and quality, and the slow service didn't justify for the price hike. We much prefer to come on a regular weekday afternoon and enjoy the original menu with Lobster cornet, Chocolate caramel tart and Lemon tart.

The Landing Point
80 Collyer Quay
Lobby Level, The Fullerton Bay Hotel
Singapore 049326

Tel: 6597 5277

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  1. Joyous to know about this tea party. Last month, I arranged my cousin’s tea party at one of the beautiful event venues. Invited all her friends for this party and she enjoyed this party very much. We all had an amazing time there.