Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Desserts & Drinks at Fruit Paradise

Fruit Paradise had been known to serve lovely fresh fruit cream tarts that are both a feast for the eyes and also fantastic in taste. On our recent visit to Vivo City's outlet, we discovered that they now serve a range of warm desserts too. Check out the menu...

They have also added a couple of matcha latte drinks to their usual fruit tea menu. I had the Ice Matcha Fruit Latte $7++, served with fresh banana & strawberry and topped with a scoop of ice cream. It was pretty decent.

I have decided to try a new flavor from the tarts menu Baked Chocolate Montblanc $7.80++, it had a brownie base which is unique to this tart only. The Japanese chestnuts were very sweet and paired well with the light tasting chestnut cream. The chocolaty brownie base was really delish too.

Two of my friends picked the Citrus Harmony $7.80++ which comes with a lemon custard base, and the top selling Chocolate Banana $6.80++ with chocolate base. Both tarts were very tasty!

Last but not least, one friend had decided to give their warm dessert a shot and ordered the Chocolate Banana French Toast $9.80++, served with warm french toasts, loads of fresh banana slices and topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. The portion was kinda huge, do order this for sharing between friends.

The french toasts were sweet and fluffy and tasted fab with the ice cream and juicy bananas.

I'm glad to know that my fave dessert place is always coming up with new items to entice us to keep visiting them to satisfy our sweet cravings. I hope to see more in the future!


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