Monday, July 28, 2014

Durian Mob 2014

Dr. Leslie Tay, the famed blogger from ieatishootipost has been organizing Durian gatherings since 2008. It first started out with the simple idea of having a durian appreciation course to educate durian lovers on the different cultivars of durians. Now, Singapore Kindness Movement supports Dr Leslie Tay to organize Durian Mobilization 2014 on 27th July 2014, recognizing his efforts in promoting graciousness and kindness among fellow Singaporeans by initiating friendships over the common love for durians. Proceeds from the event will go to the beneficiaries from The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

The event was held at Telok Ayer Green CC at Hong Lim Park, tickets are priced at $38 per pax. A couple of us durian lovers bought tickets to this event online. We heard that the tickets were sold out within two days!

This was an outdoor event and participants were encouraged to bring along picnic gear such as newspapers, mats, stools, wet tissue, drinks etc to make themselves comfortable as there will be no tables and chairs provided. After a quick registration, participants were arranged into groups of 10pax and assigned a group number. We were with group 19, located just infront of the stage. 

The event kicked off with Dr. Leslie giving us an opening speech and getting everyone warmed up with the 'Durian wave'. He introduced the event organizers and talked about how the proceeds will be used to benefit children from under privileged countries to get education.

After which, the first round of durians were served. We got D24 durians for first two rounds. There were about 5 durians in every basket. We all eagerly dig in...quality was pretty good.

While we're enjoying the yummy feast, Dr. Leslie introduced Ah Seng, the durian supplier for the event. He gave the audience an insight on how to buy good durians and how to differentiate real or fake Mao Shan Wang durians.

Then, an ang mo was 'arrowed' to go up the stage to share his most interesting durian experience with us. 

The next round of durians served were the much sort after Mao Shan Wang durians, freshly picked from the durian plantation in the morning and transported directly from Malaysia to the event venue.

These king of fruits were very creamy and intensely fragrant with rather thick flesh. We were starting to feel full after having these. A complimentary basket of mangosteens were also served to us...yum yum.

The event ended when all the durians ran out. The organizers reminded everyone to clean up after themselves before leaving. It was a short and fun event, we may return again next year.

The very chio spanking new hotel, ParkRoyal on Pickering!

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