Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vietnamese dinner at Saigon Lotus @Marina Square

I was at Marina SQ to exchange foreign currency for my Macau trip next month. I decided to settle dinner at The Dining Edition and picked Saigon Lotus due to favorable reviews online (mostly raving about their Pho which I don't eat). Anyways, I thought if their Pho is authentic, other dishes should be fine as well.

The restaurant is adorned with eye-catching bright colored Viet style lanterns. Coupled with equally bright color walls with touches of lotus shaped accessories...very Vietnamese I guess.

Their simple menu featuring mostly traditional Viet cuisine. Spotted some spelling mistakes...part of the authentic dining experience I reckoned.

I was checking out the Grill pork noodle and the Viet waitress who was serving me told me that the pork can be changed to chicken if I don't take pork. I ordered it anyway cos I do eat pork but not beef. I also ordered 2 more side dishes and a drink to go with my main course.

Sweet-salted Lime juice $3.50+, I loved this is sweet, salty & sourish all at once, very invigorating!

Mango salad $8.00+, this looks like Thai mango salad but it tasted different. Other than the sourish green mango, the dressing taste totally different. They toss it with lotsa basil and the salad has a really strong basil taste...too strong for my liking, even though I do eat basil.

The serving portion is huge, good for 2-3pax sharing. I didn't managed to finish this as the basil taste was too overwhelming.

can't finish...

Crispy pork spring rolls $7.00+. Nicely marinated minced pork with vermicelli, mushroom, carrot etc. wrapped in crispy skin...very delish!

Grilled pork noodle (Dry) $11.00+. Wait a minute, did you see chicken or pork on top of the noodle?

Remember to pour this into the noodle!

As another part of the authentic Vietnamese dining experience, the Viet waitress misunderstood me. I told her I eat pork but don't eat beef but I guess it sounded like I don't eat both pork & beef! She still served me chicken in the end!

The chicken was broiled not grilled, tasted extremely bland, plus it is breast meat...very hard and chewy! I did not enjoy this dish at all. Worst of all, serving is here's the aftermath.

50% leftover!

There's a 20% discount on Sun - Thu, and they don't charge GST, plus serving portion is generous...very pocket friendly! I wouldn't say I won't come back again but I'd definitely talk less and just point! Those that I merely pointed all turned out fine.

Saigon Lotus
Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-100A/100B, S039594
Tel: 63374648

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun: 1100 - 2200hrs

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