Saturday, November 9, 2013

Koi Kei Bakery 鉅記手信

Even before my impending Macau trip I'm already bingeing on my fave Koi Kei's almond cookies. This time round we bought their phoenix rolls to try too.

The Koi Kei flagship store at Temple street, Chinatown.

There's several variation of almond cookies available and we bought 3 types back after trying the samples.

Original whole almond cookie (12pcs) $12.10 
Almond cookie w/ egg yolk (12pcs) $14.40
Salted almond cookies (12pcs) $12.10

Koi Kei's owner is very particular with the quality of his cookies and insisted to use imported high quality whole almonds for making the cookies (I learned that from 巨輪 ). Their cookie really stands out from every other almond cookie I've ever tasted. Other than having intense real almond aroma, every cookie is loaded with crushed almond bits, giving it extra crunch.

Look at those almond bits!

The salted egg yolk ones does not have crushed almond bits but has distinct taste of savory salted egg yolk. The salted baked almond cookies is the best, its slightly salty and contains the crushed almond that I fave among the three.

I had wanted to try the seaweed phoenix rolls but they don't carry this item at SG outlet so we got the normal Phoenix rolls $8.90 instead.

This version contains grated coconut, its sweet rather than sweet & savory like the seaweed version. I guess I will have to wait till I'm in Macau to get my hands on them.

Service staffs there are very friendly and professional, you'll feel great shopping at Koi Kei. Find them at:

Koi Kei Bakery
56 Temple street S058601
Tel: 62257677

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