Monday, April 8, 2013

Kyushu Fair at Tampines Mall 29 Mar - 7 Apr 2013

I went twice and spent over $100 bucks on Japanese food!

Not so crowded on a Thursday afternoon..

I patronised these stalls...and bought..

Unagi bento...$16 per box with two big slices of soft and melt in the mouth goodness!

Iron Chef fresh rolls...bought Maple pudding (their signature) and Choco rolls. I bought one last year and had to buy more this year. It is the SOFTEST cake I ever ate in my life...sooo soft and fluffy you gotta taste it yourself to know its goodness.

Maple pudding roll $19.50

Choco roll $19.00

and bought a box of Blueberry soy milk cookies at promo price of $10 (UP $16)...its quite nice but a little too buttery for me...most people will like this.

Last but not least...bought fried Japanese snacks for munching in front of TV!

Fried squid $6 per 100g

Fried scallop $6 per 100g

Grill squid $9 each

Octopus fish cake $5

More stalls at level 2..

Till we meet year..Chao!

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