Monday, April 22, 2013

Hi Tea at The Courtyard, Fullerton

My friend is following her husband on a 2yrs overseas posting and we had a farewell gathering with her at The Courtyard. We initially wanted to have hi tea at the popular Landing Point but it was already fully booked when I called them 2 weeks ago. So we decided to go to The Courtyard which has a similar menu and pricing as the Landing Point.

Hi Tea dining here is similar to the Landing Point, we had a 3 tier finger food which is refillable and choice of two teas from TWG. One thing different is that non tea beverages can be ordered unlimited times. I ordered Ice Mocha as my first tasted so so.

The 3 tier finger food has the same arrangement as Landing Point, top & bottom tier are sweet items while middle tier has the savories selections. The tray they used are the same as Landing Point.

Menu is slightly different tier we have Strawberry lemon tart, green tea macaron, green tea mousse with blueberry, cream puff (similar to LP) and Oreo cheese cake.

The strawberry tart is very nice...sweet and tangy and light. Macaron is not bad too...not too sweet. The Oreo cheese cake tasted yucky...not oreo at all...just a lump of sticky weird tasting paste. The green tea mousse is buttery...not my fave. I didn't eat the cream puff though.

The 2nd tier has Egg mayo sandwich, brie cheese biscuit, otak sandwich, salmon cone with cavier (same as LP), cucumber sandwich (same as LP), pumpkin biscuit and smoked duck sandwich. Too much sandwiches liao I feel...they should have mini burger, quiche and mini wraps like LP.

The smoked duck and otak sandwiches are my fave and I had multiple servings of those...the salmon cone was not too bad...the rest are forgettable.

The bottom tier has Kueh Lapis (same as LP), apple puff, cream puff again, opera cake (same as LP), raspberry madeleine (same as LP) and fruit cake (same as LP).

I only ate the madeleine which was not bad...the kueh lapis was very hard my fork couldn't sink its claws into it at first try so I left it on the tray. My friend said the opera cake was good though.

Scones here were served wrapped in napkin same way as Landing Point...

My food choices...

Salmon cone, duck sandwich & otak sandwich

Salmon cone, otak sandwich & egg mayo sandwich

Strawberry tart, Madeleine & yucky Oreo cheese cake

They have thoughtfully sliced the huge strawberry into quarters for the convenience of the diners :)

For my 2nd drink, I ordered a Silver Moon tea from the TWG usual fave. This tea is sweet on its own without adding sugar...good choice for washing down those sweet & savory stuffs we just ate. They uses the same teapot as Landing Point too.

A few more shots of the hotel before we leave...

Ng Teng Fong, Property tycoon, owner of Far East Org which owns The Fullerton hotel

A piece from the past... Fullerton is the former Singapore Post Office

Overall our dining experience is rather good although if given a choice we would prefer The Landing Point as their food quality is better at the same price. Service level and ambiance is comparable complains there.

The Courtyard, Fullerton Hotel
1 Fullerton Square, lobby level

Tel: +65 6877 8128
Reservation :

Daily English Afternoon Tea
Mon to Fri: 3pm – 6pm
Sat & Sun 2 -4 pm, 4.30pm – 6pm

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