Thursday, November 22, 2012

Antoinette restaurant at Palais Renaissance

Recently had a birthday celebration with a friend at Antoinette's newest outlet at Palais Renaissance. We made an advanced table reservation for Sunday lunch. This place is not busy on a Sunday afternoon. Upon arrival, we were impressed with the french jardin style decor of the place...even bb chairs are custom made to suit the theme...nice.

All the seats are non standard and varies in designs and sizes...some couches sits 2-3 pax...

At the pastry counter, selections of desserts were on display...they all look very enticing..

And then there is the cake counter...look at those colorful and oh so pretty cakes!

There are also some selections of chocolates and sweets on sale too...

We were shown the menu after we settle down at our prices are ok...on the high side but not too high. We each ordered a main dish and a dessert. Most of the mains tasted Burger Antoinette was quite yummy...and filling too.

The desserts were quite disappointing...they looked so pretty and yummy but tasted mediocre....sad.

Some of my friends ordered pancakes and crepes for dessert...the serving was huge..taste wise, the crepes were too sweet and pancakes were so so..

Overall, the dining experience was not what we expected. Service was not warm and welcoming. Food was mostly so so and desserts weren't as nice as they looked. The total bill for each pax is about $50 which was reasonable though. Don't forget to check out the pretty looking jewellery box bill container..

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