Monday, June 25, 2018

5D Lijiang Itinerary - History, Culture & Natural Scenery

Sharing this itinerary with like-minded travelers who are into natural scenery, history and culture of Yunnan, China. Some of these places requires the Maintenance fee ticket on top of regular admission charges.

Day 1 

Lijiang Old Town 丽江大研古镇 (UNESCO heritage town)

Mufu 木府 (Former residence of local rulers)

Lion Hill 狮子山 (a short climb on stairs from town center)

Day 2 

Jade Spring Park/Black Dragon Pool 玉泉公园/黑龙潭

Day 3 

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain/Yak Meadow 玉龙雪山/牦牛坪 (We went Yak meadow instead of the Snow mountain peak due to forced closure of the Ropeway caused by strong winds).

White Water River 白水河

Day 4 

Baisha Murals 白沙壁画 (30mins bus ride from town)

Day 5 

Tiger Leaping Gorge 虎跳峡

Stone Drum (Shigu) Town 石鼓镇/长江第一湾


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