Sunday, March 6, 2016

Waffles with Unique Flavors at The Cold Pantry

I've been bugging my sistas to go try the delish looking waffles at The Cold Pantry ever since I saw photos of the waffles with towering charcoal ice cream sitting on a cookie. Finally we decided to meet up just before they start getting busy with CNY preps.

The tiny waffle & ice cream eatery is located about 5-6mins on foot from the Farrer Park MRT on NEL.

Simple menu with Waffles and Ice cream on one side and Coffee and tea on the other. Nothing fancy, but they do create their own unique flavors of waffles and homemade ice cream. All prices are NETT, no GST and service charge.

We ordered their best seller Iced Thai Milk Tea $5.00 per bottle. This drink was really nice with pretty authentic Thai milk tea flavor and yet not overly sweet. Recommended.

Our party of 3 ladies and 2 kids ordered 2 specialty waffles for adults to share, and 1 regular flavored one for the kids.

Chocolate Root Beer $12.50, chocolate waffles served with Charcoal vanilla ice cream and homemade chocolate Root beer sauce. The waffle tasted heavenly with light crisp on the exterior and airy fluffy soft center. The root beer sauce was really unique and matches perfectly with the waffle and the charcoal ice cream. We were very impressed!

Pink Velvet $14.00, rose flavored waffles served with Lychee ice cream and sprinkled with lychee bits & fruit loops. The waffle again surprises with its lovely rose fragrance and heavenly texture. The lychee flavored ice cream was also an excellent pairing to the rose waffle. Thumbs up.

Chocolate Indulgence $14.00, waffle served with Chocolate ice cream and Hershey's chocolate sauce, and topped with a variety of chocolaty confectioneries. The ice cream and sauce was very well received too.

All the ice cream towers are sitting on a chocolate chip cookie, a brilliant way to support the weight, and also to prevent the crispy and warm waffle from getting soggy and melting away the ice cream prematurely.

We really love the waffles and ice cream here and would definitely be back to try more flavors in the future!

The Cold Pantry
131 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218409

Opening hours:
4pm - 10pm (Mon, Wed-Thurs)
12pm - 10pm (Fri-Sun)
Closed on Tue

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