Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant 黄金端记餐室

The evil sistas met up for CNY Louhei and Steamboat dinner. We decided to have it at a traditional Hainanese steamboat and chicken rice restaurant, Thien Kee Steamboat, located at basement of Golden Mile Tower (Tower, not Complex hor).

Thien Kee has been around for many years and is one of the rare Hainanese restaurants still run by Hainanese, and serving authentic Hainan delicacies in this millennium. As you can see, they are hugely popular with Singaporeans, almost full house before the clock strikes 7 in the evening (Friday).

First things first, lets order something to drink while we decide on our food orders. The usual coffee shop beverages are served here with a choice of homemade lime juice for the undecided. The Lime juice was too sweet for my liking.

Dinner kick started with the CNY Louhei platter, served with thinly sliced canned abalone. The yusheng tasted a tad too sweet but passable.

Next up, we had the steamboat with chicken broth. The steamboats are sold in different sizes, raw ingredients are fixed, you may omit certain items like beef etc. when placing orders. Some standard ingredients are seafood, pork meat, fishballs, pig liver, cockles, fish maw, sea cucumbers, eggs, with plenty of greens.

The chicken soup started off bland but gradually became flavorful when all the ingredient were cooked. We couldn't tell this apart from our usual homemade steamboat though, as none of the ingredients are uniquely Hainanese.

While we're enjoying the steamboat, other Hainanese dishes arrived. The must have here is the Chicken rice with steamed chicken (sorry, no roast chicken here but roast pork & char siew are available for top up).

While the steamboat didn't leave much impression, this chicken rice is rather good. The rice was super fragrant with nice firm rice grains. The steamed chicken was tender and sufficiently flavored with homemade soy sauce.

The Hainanese Pork chop, covered with generous serving of tangy tomato sauce, was a little dry and hard to chew, but saved by the delish sauce with an old school taste.

The last dish was a mixed veggie dish, stir fried with some of the steamboat ingredients. It tasted quite bland albeit everything used was fresh.

Despite some hits and misses with the food, we still enjoyed our dinner here at Thien Kee. It is a good place for large group gathering with pocket friendly prices. The aircon area is also a plus for folks who dislike hot and sweaty steamboat meals.

Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant 黄金端记餐室
6001 Beach Road, #B1-20 Golden Mile Tower
Singapore 199589

Tel: 6298 5891

Daily 11am – 9pm
Closed on certain Chinese festivals

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