Thursday, December 4, 2014

Afternoon Tea at Anti:dote @Fairmont Hotel

It has been a while since we last had hi tea on a leisurely afternoon like this, sipping tea/coffee and catching up with sistas over delicious nibbles. So here we are at Anti:dote, Fairmont's new snazzy cocktail bar by the lobby to enjoy their new Afternoon Tea menu.

They have beautiful crockery sets for afternoon tea, perfect for the ladies! The Afternoon Tea set $38++ ($75++ with a glass of champagne) comes with a choice of beverage (free flow), from a selection of premium TWG Tea, Gourmet Coffee and Chocolate drinks. I had the Hot Chocolate, and it was good!


Hot Chocolate


The food menu has 3 variants, Anti:dote tea with Black truffle scrambled eggs & butter toasts as starters, while the Oriental tea has a 3pcs Dim sum set (Shrimp har gau, Chive dumpling & Scallop siew mai), and the Regal tea ($75++) has the Smoked salmon w/ caviar, blinis, crème fraîche for starters. The rest of the sweets and savories are the same.

Two of our sistas picked the Scrambled eggs, which comes nicely presented in an egg shaped holder with the egg shell intact. Feedback from them, the egg was very creamy and toast sticks were a tad oily if eaten alone w/o dipping into the egg mixture. Overall still quite nice when taken with the aromatic black truffle.

I am not a fan of creamy buttery stuffs so my choice is the Oriental set, and the handmade dim sum morsels stuffed with premium ingredients were superb. The bamboo basket was served on a pretty Jap style

Scallop siew mai

Shrimp har gau

Chive dumpling

When we're done with our starters, the waiting staffs then serves up the most anticipated Sweets and Savories tea set in an exquisite white leather jewelry chest. At the top of the chest is a reflective mirror duplicating every hand crafted item into two, an extremely genius way of presenting intricately made desserts. Hidden in the individual drawers were savory finger sandwiches & rolls, scones, pound cakes and cookies, all laid out in an eye pleasing manner. Photo taking frenzy ensues...

Let's check out what's available in the chest for tea!

On the top 
Strawberry gateau, raspberry, lychee pearl
Apple delight, almond crumble
Karukera chocolate mirror tart
Earl grey éclair
Anti:dote rum baba
Chocolate-dipped strawberries
Handmade truffles
Yuzu macarons

The desserts are almost too pretty to eat, I personally liked the Karukera chocolate tart, Strawberry gateau cake, Apple almond crumble and Chocolate-dipped strawberries. The rest are not as impressive as they look, especially the Anti:dote rum baba and Yuzu macarons were way too sweet for my liking.

First drawer
Smoked salmon, crème fraîche, caviar
Boston lobster roll, herb mayonnaise
Cucumber and dill salad, cream cheese
Prosciutto, onion jam, aged cheddar
Coronation curried chicken

The savories were better, other than the Cucumber sandwich with cream cheese which I don't eat, all of the rest were really delish, and my fave was the mini lobster roll.

Second drawer
Warm raisin Scones & Candied ginger Scones and Lemon basil pound cakes.

The ginger scones were a nice change from the usual ones we see from regular afternoon tea, the ginger fragrance lingers on the palate a little, quite a delight to eat even though it was buttery, I musk the smell with the tangy lemon curd and yummy strawberry jam. The Lemon pound cakes were great but rather sweet though.

The last drawer contains Homemade strawberry jam, Devonshire clotted cream & Lemon curd to compliment the scones, and two individually wrapped cookies for takeaway.

Although the food are not replenishable, one set is enough to fill a regular lady's stomach, all of us were feeling very full at the end of the tea session. At $38++, this is one of the more wallet friendly afternoon tea in town. If you like more sweets than savory, I would highly recommend this place, else I would suggest my current fave afternoon tea place, The Clifford Pier (Fullerton Bay hotel) for a more balanced sweet and savory mix afternoon tea menu at $43++.

80 Bras Basah Road, Fairmont Singapore S189560
Tel: +65 6431 5315

Afternoon Tea: Daily 3pm - 5pm

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