Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yummy Tokyo Banana 東京ばな奈 from Japan

Hubby just came back from his company trip to Hokkaido and brought back 3 kinds of delicious sweet treats from Japan, Tokyo Banana 東京ばな奈!

The Original Banana cream バナナクリーム banana cake.

8個入 ¥1,029 (税込)
12個入¥1,543 (税込)
16個入¥2,057 (税込)

And the Caramel Custard cream バナナプリン味 banana cake with adorable giraffe prints.

8個入 ¥1,080 (税込)
12個入¥1,595 (税込)

Some says the Caramel one is not nice but I liked both, they are unique and delish on their own, and the giraffe prints are so cute.

Last but not least, the lovely Strawberry banana cream 銀座のいちごケーキ cake, my all time fave!

8個入 ¥1,029 (税込)

Tokyo Banana and related confectioneries are available at major Airports, Train stations and Flagship stores in Japan. All Tokyo Banana cakes do not contain preservatives and has a short 7-10 days shelf life, do consume them as soon as possible!

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