Monday, September 1, 2014

Four Seasons Durian Mooncakes, D'bun & Mirana Cake House

Its the time of the year again where many shopping malls are having mooncake fairs at their atrium. I visited the one at Nex. Other than mooncake stalls, they have tea sellers and lanterns corner too.

After walking one round, I realized that durian mooncakes are the star product of many mooncake sellers this year. Goodwood Park, Peony Jade, Home Favorites etc. are all selling theirs at premium prices. I decided to buy a box of mixed mini snowskin durian mooncakes from Four Seasons Durians. The box contains 4pcs Mao Shan Wang and 4pcs D24 mini snowskin mooncakes. Early bird price $62 per box of 8.

The mooncakes were packed with real durian meat enveloped with soft and thin snowskin. They were incredibly delish, especially the MSW ones (yellow skin) which were intensely fragrant with dense and creamy mouthfeel. The D24 ones (white skin) were quite good as well, not as creamy but sweet and fragrant.

Do check them out at various Four Seasons Durian outlets or at the mooncake fairs.

Some random snacks that I tried during the past week and are worth mentioning are the Char Siew & Roast Pork Belly Pau $1.60 from D'bun, and Traditional butter cream cakes $4.80 from Mirana Cake House, both located at Basement1 of Chinatown Point.

The char siew bun was very tiny for the price of $1.60 but was loaded with good quality char siew meat and a big chunky slice of juicy roast pork belly. I was really impressed with it and now know why it is sold out daily despite its expensive price tag!

Pretty and yummy butter cream cakes that is a must buy for me whenever I'm at Chinatown Point. The cakes are moist and fluffy and not too sweet, thumbs up.

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