Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Hi Tea at 10 Scotts

Had a birthday celebration with my girl friends at 10 Scotts Grand Hyatt..venue was chosen by birthday girl herself who raved about the food and services there (she went on a weekday). I made a reservation with them via email and had requested for the private room initially as they mentioned there wasn't a min. spending as long as there are 25 diners. However, after seeing I had only 16 paying adults and 9 kids, they offered the private room only on condition that we pay for kids or sit at the main dining area...so we opted to dine at the main area instead.

On arrival, we found the place very busy on a Sunday afternoon. Nobody greeted us at the entrance so we walked in on our own to find our friends. After seated, we requested for a new tray of food as our table has 2 new pax. It took them a whole 45mins and multiple reminders to finally deliver it!! Crap!! I ordered tea and ice water just after our request for food....the waitress nodded her head and left...20mins later, I asked again...same thing, she said ok and din't deliver...yet another 10mins passed by with me eating w/o a drink. Finally upon the 4th request (which she was unable to recall which tea i ordered)..the damn tea was served about 45mins after I sat down!!!!! Damn!! Oh and the ice water came another 15mins later...a whole 1hr later after my arrival...such good service they have!!

My Rose bud tea...not bad, quite fragrant..

The 'refillable' two tier food tray...beware, the refill takes ages (45-60mins)..so technically not really unlimited refill! And, they tend to refill the wrong items to the wrong table...good luck with that!

Top tier, beef burger, prawn salad baguette, ham n cheese sandwich, cheesy veg tartlet and brandade of salmon with toast. I only fancied the salmon dish...

Bottom tier, crab cake, popiah, curry puff and papri chaat. The crab cake and curry puff was not too bad.

The buffet station has got hot station (beef rendang), soup, cold station (cheese and fruits), fridge/freezer items (salad, ice cream etc.) and dessert station. On weekends, assorted maki and duck rolls were served.

The thai seafood salad was good, duck roll was dry n tasteless cos they skim on hoisin sauce...maki were wiped out pretty fast and the 'refill' came 1.5hrs later...roughly 30mins to the end of hi tea time...great!

Desserts selections was limited but most tasted good accept for the pineapple crumble which was disgustingly sweet. I personally liked the mont blanc, strawberry tart and plasir sucre.

There is supposedly scones to be served to every table but ours appeared 20mins to the end of the hi tea time...hmmm they really had planned that we won't touch them by then so no need to refill...smart move! Sorry no pics of that...i can't be bothered.

Oh and they do provide complimentary birthday 'cake' with candle in the form of a pie...no comments on the pie.

Overall, my experience for spending $48++ for overrated food and crappy service is of course TOTALLY NOT worth it...i WILL NOT be coming back again! Tata...