Thursday, October 13, 2016

Twins Korean Restaurant @Tanjong Pagar

Celebrated my friend's birthday here cos she wanna eat Korean Army stew! The place was recommended by evil sista who had eaten here a while ago. Food is said to be pretty authentic as the restaurant owner(s) is a pair of real life Korean twins.

The eatery is located about 5-6mins walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. The space isn't very big so reservation is recommended to have confirmed seating.

On top of the Army stew, we also ordered Korean fried chicken in different style for sharing, and snacked on Korean pancakes and Jap Chae too. Food was indeed delicious but serving portions were a tad tiny which makes them a wee bit pricey.

My personal fave was the Spicy Dakgangjung $22++ (fried chicken with rice cakes), the special sauce and the slightly crispy and chewy rice cakes were double thumbs up. The Yangnyum Wings $10++ was pretty yummy too. The rest of the items were not too bad but no wow factor.

Spicy Dakgangjung $22+

Soy & Lemon Kkanpungki $22+

Original Fried chicken $18+

Yangnyum Wings $10+

Jap Chae $15+

Seafood Pancake $20+

Kimchi Pancake $20+

Army stew $40+

We enjoyed our dinner at Twins, food was generally good but the pricing kinda dampened the dining experience a little. There are many Korean eateries in SG offering similar menu, especially the Army stew, better ones can easily be found elsewhere. For Jap Chae and Korean pancakes I still prefer Hansik ones, they are cheaper and had loads more seafood inside, plus they're tastier. Drinks are not cheap either, even ice water cost $0.50 per serving. Fortunately, they have not started charging for GST yet, so for now buying takeaways is probably a much better option.

Twins Korean Restaurant
7 Craig Road Singapore 089667
Tel: 6221 5205

Opening Hours:
11am – 3pm (Daily)
5pm – 12am (Mon-Sat)
5pm – 12am (Sun)

Delicious birthday cake from Chef Yamashita, Royal Earl Grey Tea w/ Chocolate Meringue & Banana cake $32

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