Monday, January 6, 2014

Lunch at Cafe Nga Tim 雅憩花園餐廳

On our second sightseeing day, we are exploring the Coloane and Taipa (路環 & 氹仔) area. We'll be at Coloane to see the Giant Pandas in the morning then followed by exploring the Coloane township and having lunch there. There's not many restaurant recommendations on Tripadvisor so I relied on Openrice to find a convenient location near the St. Francis Xavier church.

Cafe Nga Tim is located right infront of St. Francis Xavier, a 大排檔 style eatery located by the seaside. This place is not busy during the day but will be filled up with people by night. The Cafe has X'mas lighting decorations that looks romantic when lit up at night.

Some time after I had decided on the lunch venue, we saw this place appeared numerous times on 巨輪 (TVB drama). I was pretty excited about it and every time it appears on TV, I told my hubby we will be dining there in the near future.

The menu and our order...

We ordered the signature dish Sauna drunken prawns 桑拿醉蝦 MOP118 and 3 other dishes to share. Live prawns are first marinated in chinese wine for a couple of minutes before pouring them onto heated charcoal to cook.

This was yummy, the succulent prawns were very sweet and has a nice crunch. The fragrance of the chinese wine is still evident and the green chili and shredded ginger gave the dish a nice balance in flavor. Thumbs up.

Hubby wanted to try the Roasted pigeon 紅燒乳鴿 MOP78, so we ordered one portion to try.

This is my first time eating pigeon. It tasted like a nice roast duck with juicy lean meat and a thin fatty layer beneath the skin. Nice.

We also ordered Ee Fu noodles MOP50 and a Baked assorted veggies in Portuguese sauce MOP55 (recommended by waitress) to share.

The noodles is just so so in taste, no wok hei. The Portuguese sauce tasted like a diluted version of curry fishball gravy, feels weird to me. We should have ordered the normal stir-fry greens instead.

Although there's hits and misses in the food quality, the service here is friendly and prices are similar to Singapore's Zichar dishes. We will be trying other dishes from the extensive menu if we return to Macau.

Cafe Nga Tim 雅憩花園餐廳
8 Rua do Caetano, Coloane, Macau ‎

Tel: (853) 2888 2086
     (853) 2888 0021
     (853) 2888 0098

Opens Daily 12pm - 1am

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