Monday, February 17, 2014

Louhei lunch at Hai Tien Lo 海天楼, Pan Pacific hotel

I usually don't take photos or write blogs about business lunches with vendors as there is lack of opportunities and inconvenient to take photos most of the time. However, this lunch session was different, the vendors themselves couldn't help taking photos of the exquisite dishes served up by this atas restaurant.

We had a party of 20pax and our hosts had reserved the Ruby room which has a gigantic 20 seater table, the largest of the 4 private rooms at Hai Tien Lo. Even the fresh flower center piece was huge!

Their CNY Set lunch menu were priced from $988++ onward. We had an 8 course Cantonese cuisine menu including the Yusheng platter.

Yusheng w/ Norwegian salmon, surf clams & crispy fish skin. The yusheng was served on a dedicated table for convenient louhei, with an impressive presentation.

The yusheng sauce was very delicious, coupled with the fresh premium ingredient used, definitely one of the best I had for the year of Horse.

Double boiled Buddha jumps over the wall 佛跳墙, a luxurious soup with abalone, dried scallops, bamboo pith and pork ribs. This clear soup was powerfully flavored despite its humble looks...slurp.

Steamed Soon Hock in superior soy sauce, fish was fresh and succulent...perfectly executed.

Braised whole abalone 三头鲍 w/ dried oyster & black moss. Another chinese delicacy with a huge 200g whole abalone stewed in oyster sauce. The abalone was cooked just right, very tender and juicy...nice!

Sauteed Hokkaido scallop & prawn w/ sakura shrimps. The plump king prawn and jumbo scallop were a delight to eat, the crispy savory sakura shrimps added a nice bite to the chunky scallop.

Eight treasures herbal chicken, I'm not a fan of herbal anything and couldn't fully appreciate this bitter tasting dish. But judging from the speed this dish was devoured by fellow diners, I figured its good after all..

The highlight of the day, Steamed rice w/ preserved meats in mini pumpkin. Now, usually the carbo dish served near the end of a chinese course meal is not the best dish of the meal even if it was very well cooked. But this one really stand out as the most impressive dish of the day! It scored full marks in terms of presentation, smell and taste...色香味俱全.

I can already smell the fragrance of the lup cheong flavored rice while it was being served to other diners at the table. The presentation was undoubtedly cute with a nicely etched 福 word on the mini pumpkin. The steamed rice was fully infused with flavors from the chinese pork sausage, liver sausage, wax duck meat, chinese mushroom and the sweetness coming from the pumpkin flesh...thumbs up!

Last but not least, the dessert which consists of two portions, Double boiled hashima w/ ginseng roots, white fungus & red dates and Prosperity CNY cakes.

The CNY cakes 年糕 were pretty good...chewy and fragrant without being overly sweet.

However, the luscious Hashima soup was way too sweet for my liking. I ended up scooping out the hashima to eat without drinking the soup. The ginseng roots were very bitter as well. This was perhaps the only disappointment of the day.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch at the Hai Tien Lo and would highly recommend this place to all who has a deep pocket. The opulent ambiance, top notch service and premium grade cuisine will be worth every penny you spend here.

Hai Tien Lo 海天楼
Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard Level 3, S039595
Tel: 6826 8240

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 1200 - 1430h, 1830 - 2200h
Sat, Sun & PH: 1130 - 1430h, 1830 - 2200h

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