Friday, July 18, 2014

Hanging Out at The Cat Cafe @Bugis

After a hearty brunch at Symmetry, we decided to go check out the newly opened Cat cafe located near the Bugis Village. The cafe is on level 3, so please look out for this sign to find the right staircase to get there.

View from the entrance, a small cafe counter area for ordering of food, beverage and payment for entry. Admission fee is $15 which includes one soft drink, there's option to top up a few bucks for other drinks. The price is per entry based, so you get unlimited playtime with the kitties for $15nett.

Other than drinks, they also offer small bites and desserts for the hungry bunch, prices are pretty reasonable. I topped up $3 for orange juice instead of having soft drink.

Before entry to the play area, patrons will be asked to clean their hands first and change to the provided slippers. Kids must be supervised by adults at all times.

This place is bright and spacious with plenty of space for cats to run around. Pet toys are provided for patrons to play with the cats.

Most cats were taking their afternoon naps when we arrived at 4pm. One or two awake ones were very occupied with entertaining their numerous guests. Silver, who just woke up climbed up the 'cat runway', triggering a photo taking frenzy.

Sleepy Silver

Three sleepy cats that we didn't get to spend time with...



Tuxedo woke for a short while and slept again..

Pudding was very active and like all cats, loves to check out our shoes...

Jimmy, the fluffy ginger cat...feeling lazy in the warm afternoon. He slept with Tuxedo after walking around for a bit.

Elly was awake most of the time, she loves walking on the fence and playing ball...

Missy, a beautiful Siamese mix was sleeping and only woke up at the later part of our visit...all Siamese have blue eyes!

Yoghurt, was sleeping but woke up to play...she and Pudding are sisters..

With Pudding, beoing somebody's chicken pie..

Cookie, also woke up from sleep...

So was Butter...

Tommy, the black dude...beoing chicken pie too.

And finally, Fruitcake who has most photos by me being the most awake and playful cat of the day..

I didn't get a picture of Patches who's asleep throughout our visit...hmm maybe next time. We spent about 1.5hrs at the cafe, most cats are starting to wake up at early evening. Fewer awake cats and too many visitors in the afternoon will mean less interaction time with the cats, best to come on weekday evenings instead. Weekends are always crowded, do call in advance to check for availability.

The Cat Cafe
241B Victoria Street Singapore 188030
Tel: 6338 6815


Mon: 3pm to 10pm
Tue–Sun: 10am to 10pm

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